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    Planning your wedding is an exciting adventure, however it does require considerable planning and thought. There are numerous questions to be answered, information to gather and choices to be made to ensure your perfect wedding day. We are here to guide you along the way by offering you our expertise and knowledge to aid you making informative decisions.

    Whether you are planning a Church Wedding, Civil Wedding, Civil Union or Renewal of Vows on these beautiful Maltese islands, we have the capability to organise all needs and requirements to your satisfaction.



    CHOOSE the date

    When making your decision, take into consideration the climate, guest availability and your budget.

    SELECT your wedding venue

    Whether a small celebration for two or a lavish exclusive affair, Malta is rich in choice of venues from Beaches, Private Villas and Palaces, to 5* Spa or Boutique Hotels. Alternatively take advantage of the vast selection of churches the island has to offer. All will add a touch of magic to the most important day of your life. Please see our Venues page for ideas and photos.

    BOOK your accommodation and flights

    Being part of the SMS Group of Companies, one of the leading tourist companies on the island, we are able to organise your accommodation at the best possible prices both for you and your guests and consequently refer you to our Holiday Malta Reservation Centre for flights out of the UK.

    DECIDE on your reception and dining

    Consider if you prefer to have a relaxed or more formal wedding breakfast. Seated, buffet style or even a cocktail reception. We can provide you with menus from your chosen venue or from professional outside caterers.

    Malta Wedding Services can offer both basic and enhanced packages for all types of ceremonies, all of which include the services and support of our Wedding Planner throughout, including their presence on the day of your ceremony; the co-ordinating of all bookings made on your behalf; handling and filing of paperwork in Malta; all marriage registry fees, church stipends; bridal bouquet & groom buttonhole (carnations); full marriage certificate forwarded to your home address when available.


    Malta welcomes same sex civil unions following the enactment of the Civil Unions Bill first introduced in September 2013.  It grants civil unions the same rights, responsibilities and obligations as marriage, including the right of adoption.  Parliament gave final approval to the legislation on 14th April 2014 and the first civil union was performed on 13th June 2014.

    With the predominant religion in Malta being Roman Catholicism, there are many Roman Catholic churches, and others, throughout the islands where the ceremonies held are registered by the state and therefore have full legal status.  It is not necessary to have a civil ceremony in addition to the religious one.  For this reason, we find Malta very popular for Irish church weddings.

    Legal Requirements

    • Marriages in Malta are subject to the provisions of the Marriage Act 1975, which became effective the 12th August 1975.
    • Civil Unions are governed by the provisions of the Civil Unions Act of 2014 (Cap. 530 of the laws of Malta).
    • For both civil and church ceremonies, documentation must be provided in advance, all of which by law is retained by the Maltese authorities. We will provide details of all documents and forms required.
    • Certain civil documents have to be witnessed and signed by a legal person not more than 12 weeks, but must be filed at the Registry Office no later than, 6 weeks before your wedding date.
    • Religious ceremonies require additional paperwork and require at least 6 months’ notice - see your local church secretary and priest at your earliest opportunity. For further and more detailed information please contact us.




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